1. susurration
    the humble bee

  2. Februarys
    Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer

  3. Short stories – pleasant and/or rather sad
    Lieven Martens

  4. Flues of Forgotten Sands
    Dylan Henner

  5. Domes
    Heather Woods Broderick

  6. Paleozoic

  7. Full Circle
    Foam and Sand

  8. Full Circle Reworks
    Foam and Sand

  9. Liquid Rhythm
    Jason Kolàr

  10. Proem
    Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer

  11. Driving Through the Aftermath of a Storm on a Clear Day
    David Allred

  12. Soniscope
    Midori Hirano

  13. Loops & Pieces (2017-2020)
    Jason Kolàr

  14. Verzamelen II
    Wouter van Veldhoven

  15. Great Prairie Plains: studies of American Minimalism
    Dylan Henner

  16. What The Fog
    Allred & Broderick

  17. December '58
    Wouter van Veldhoven

  18. Companion
    Jogging House

  19. Daymark
    The Humble Bee

  20. Nightmark
    The Humble Bee

  21. Seafoam & Dust
    r beny

  22. cascade symmetry
    r beny

  23. eistla
    r beny

  24. full blossom of the evening
    r beny

  25. saudade
    r beny

  26. Voor anderen
    Adriaan de Roover

  27. In the Open
    Asuna + Tomoyoshi Date + Federico Durand

  28. Flues of Disappearing Sand
    Dylan Henner

  29. July
    r beny

  30. I suppose I'm your future
    The Humble Bee & Benoît Pioulard

  31. I suppose I'm your past
    The Humble Bee & Benoît Pioulard

  32. Verzamelen I
    Wouter van Veldhoven

  33. When
    Jogging House

  34. Make We Here Our Camp of Winter
    The Gentleman Losers

  35. echo's verse
    r beny

  36. tomodachi
    Stijn Hüwels

  37. things are sweeter when they're lost
    the humble bee

  38. 11.03.17
    Benoît Pioulard

  39. L+
    Josh Mason

  40. Slow spark, soft spoke (extended edition)
    Benoît Pioulard

  41. Athanasy, 1993
    Benoît Pioulard

  42. Dialog Tapes II
    Dauw + Eilean

  43. A Baleia
    Will Samson

  44. #2 Reworks

  45. #2 Reworks Addendum

  46. saudade
    r beny

  47. Vama Veche

  48. what it seems to be
    Saray Payton & Rutger Zuydervelt

  49. Slow spark, soft spoke
    Benoît Pioulard

  50. Sunshine
    Norihito Suda

  51. Afterglow

  52. Constellate
    Steve Pacheco

  53. Orient
    Olan Mill

  54. Frill

  55. Sleep, Shared
    Stijn Hüwels/Norihito Suda

  56. Excess

  57. A Beautiful Memory Shaped In The Stars
    Richard Ginns

  58. ...plays the brown mountain lights

  59. Dwaal/Wold

  60. deathless songs
    the humble bee

  61. Green & Gold
    Wil Bolton

  62. #1 Reworks

  63. Dialog Tapes
    Dauw & Eilean Rec.

  64. Long Forgotten Memories

  65. Chamber Loops

  66. Live

  67. If you remember me then I don't care if everyone else forgets
    Stijn Hüwels

  68. Adormidera
    Federico Durand

  69. instruction booklet n. 1232
    the humble bee

  70. Music in three movements for when the world falls apart
    Dag Rosenqvist

  71. Hiding Place

  72. Kimalle
    Olli Aarni


Dauw Ghent, Belgium

Dauw is a Ghent based tape label. The aim of the label is to combine the graphic work of Femke Strijbol and some music we like. We want to create an unique hand-made piece of art that flatters both the ear and the eye.

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Contact: info@dauwlabel.com
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